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Welcome to Whimsical Labradoodles

When we met our first labradoodle we were hooked, and our journey began.  We loved their devotion, intelligence, and 'soft-touch'.  We loved their ability to make us laugh and their ability to know when we needed a hug.

Whimsical Labradoodles wanted a breeding program that was based on health, temperament, and structure. We chose the standard Labradoodle because of their temperament and the mininmal effect they have for families who have allergies and their negligible shedding.  Also the Standard Labradoodle meets the minimal size requirements for our military, making them very useful for the disabled and our veterans.  The reasoning is larger size dogs are better for their sturdiness.  This way veterans and the disabled may use them for a brace.  Bracing is when the veteran or disabled person doesn't  put all their weight on the dogs, but just enough to assist them in getting to an upright position.

Our Mission - to breed dogs that will become an outstanding and fun family member, and who will make excellent therapy / service dogs, and who would excel in obedience and the conformation arena​​.
After 35 plus years of showing and breeding dogs we have learned to be very picky in the types of dogs we use in our breeding program.  We have learned through decades of experience about dominant and recessive genes.  Whimsical Labradoodles believe temperaments are based on the "Nature vs Nurture" theory, in much the same way as we humans are influenced.  

All Whimsical Labradoodle puppies are born in our family room.  From their first moments of life we are interacting with them.  As they progress to hearing and seeing, they are exposed to all the normal family noises and interruptions; with this daily stimulation and interaction making them well socialized for a wonderful family pet.

Whimsical Labradoodles looked for the best girls to start our breeding program and we found them.  While looking for the best, we traveled down a fantastic informational gathering path.  We were able to meet and learn from so many incredible breeders!  We were impressed that most breeders were willing to share with us everything they knew about the nuances of the Australian labradoodle.  More specifically we would like to thank Ausm Labradoodles and Country Labradoodles for their valuable information and for giving us our start. 
We at Whimsical Labradoodles will continue to select and breed standard Australian Labradoodles that have suitable temperaments to be successful in your home, as well as obedience, utility, agility, and most importantly Service and Therapy Dogs.




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