DOB: 01/05/2018
            Sire:  Doodlelane's My Boy Boden
            Dam: Ausm Bailey

ALCA Reg# - Pending
ALAA Reg# - 067001
AKC   Reg# - MA62026301 (AKC Canine Partners)
Size: Large Standard
Color: Black (carries for cream gene (BbEe)
PennHip: L 0.38 R 0.36
OFA Hips: Prelim Good
OFA Elbows: Neg for Elbow Dysplasia
OFA Eyes: HY-EYE 1403/4F-VPI - Free of Observable Inherited Eye Disease , tested 06/05/2018
PRA/PRcD: Carrier
​Von Willebrand disease 1: Pending
​Degenerative Myelopathy: Pending
Exercised Induced Collapse: Pending
Improper Coat: Pending
DNA Profiled - Pending
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Ausm Oodles of Noodles
ALAA Reg.# 067001

Expected litter mid 2019​​​​​​
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Meet Noodle's Parents


Large Standard (24 inches) Red, carries black and choclate (Bbee) 
Boden is a sweet giant, if you let him he would give you kisses and lay in your lap all day. Although he is way too big for your lap, he still insists he is a little puppy.  

Photos Courtesy of
Ausm Labradoodles


Large Standard (25 inches) Chocolate, carries for cream gene (bbEe) with a wavy fleece coat
Bailey is the epitomy of a gentle giant! Bailey is confidence and has a laid-back nature.

 ​DOB: 04/07/2018  
            Sire:   Ivylane Jumping Jack Flash "Jack"    Reg - C088-03042016-D
            Dam: Country Kiss N Charm "Roxy"             Reg  - 126-11042013-016-LB2

ALCA Reg# - C088-4072018-083-LB1  ( ALCA Litter # C088-04072018-083)
WALA Reg#: Pending

AKC  Canine Partner Reg# - Pending 
PennHip: Pending
OFA Hips: Pending
OFA Elbows: OFA Normal

OFA Patellar: OFA Normal
OFA Eyes: Pending
CAER Eyes - Normal
PRA/PRcD: Normal
Congenital Cardiac: OFA Normal
​Von Willebrand disease 1: Normal
​Degenerative Myelopathy: Normal
Exercised Induced Collapse: Normal

DNA Profiled - Pending
Improper Coat: Normal
Coat: Wavy / Fleece
Size:  Medium Standard
Color: Chocolate Parti

ALCA Reg.#
​​Meet Fiesta's Parents
 Ivylane Jumpin Jack Flash “Jack”      ​ Reg - C088-03042016-D

Standard (22 inch) Australian Chocolate & White  with a Wavy Fleece coat
ONE IN A MILLION! Bred by Ivylane Labradoodles PA
Breeders who know dogs know that this dog is one in a million! It takes years to produce this kind of perfection with many knowledgeable breeders input, and development in the history of his ancestors. And then it takes a knowledgeable breeder and keen eye to recognize the quality and potential in a puppy..

Photos Courtesy of
Country Labradoodles

​​Country Kiss N Charm  “ROXY”           Reg  - 126-11042013-016-LB2

Medium/Standard ( 21 inch)  Australian Dark Chocolate Wavy/Curly Fleece
ROXY has some of the oldest pure Australian Labradoodle lines in her family history Including, many dogs best known for producing puppies with outstanding temperaments as well service and therapy dogs across the country.